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Apollo Ai Trading bot

ApolloBot 2 in 1 Bot in the futures Bot is the first to incorporate the machine learning Qlip neural network into it's futures Traiding infrastructure/brainbox, this is the game changer and one of the secrets behind the Bots ability to accurately predict individual coin movements thus ensuring trade safety, profitability and sustainability👍🏼.

Also the reasons why this Bot survived all the volatile events that caused liquidation in others Bots💯

read more about the qlib neural network in this article👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻



The world's best 2 in 1 BOT and preferred instrument for Spot and Futures trading now👍

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why apollo are good crypto trading bot

ApolloBot has a series of significant advantages when compared to competitors,

making it a top performer in the cryptocurrency quantitative trading robot space:


What are the advantages of ApolloBot?

  1. Single-Sided Position Strategy: ApolloBot uses a unique single-sided

position strategy that reduces risks and boosts profits compared to the

traditional two-sided approach. It simplifies order direction, minimizes

unnecessary risks, and effectively prevents liquidation.

  1. Intelligent Parameters: ApolloBot's parameter settings are highly adaptive.

Users only need to set order amounts and cryptocurrencies, and the strategy

will dynamically adjust parameters based on the robot type (take profit,

replenishment, stop loss, etc.). This adaptability enables the robot to respond

to changing market conditions.

  1. Risk Prevention System: ApolloBot features an advanced risk management

system that minimizes potential losses. It continuously monitors market

changes and safeguards trades during extreme conditions, reducing losses

and mitigating the impact of adverse market fluctuations.

  1. Strong Profit Potential: ApolloBot's meticulously designed trading

strategies consistently aim for profitability. By leveraging Microsoft's Qlib

algorithm, the robot quickly identifies trading opportunities, allowing it to

find profit points and adapt to market volatility.


How Does the Robot Work?

In ApolloBot, Gas is used to pay for the usage fees of the robot's strategies. These fees are utilized to maintain and support the operation of the robot, ensuring that it can continuously execute your trading strategies and assist you in earning profits. Therefore, Gas plays the role of ensuring that the robot runs continuously and provides value to you.

The price of Gas is 1 USDT for 100 Gas. Currently, a Gas fee equivalent to 0.1% of the transaction amount is deducted for opening positions as per the transparent

fee structure, while closing positions do not consume Gas. This transparent fee structure helps ensure that you have a clear understanding of the costs associated with using the robot and enables better management of your trading strategies.


Here's a brief overview of how the robot operates:


How Does the Robot Work?

1.Market Analysis: When ApolloBot starts working, it automatically analyses data from the cryptocurrency market, including prices, trading volume historical trends, and more. This market analysis is continuous, allowing the robot to stay updated in real-time.

2.Strategy Execution: The bot executes trades based on the trading strategy and parameters you have pre-set. This includes actions like when to buy, when to sell, setting take-profit and stop-loss levels, and more. For example, if you've configured a grid trading strategy, the bot will execute a series of buy and sell orders based on market fluctuations.

3.Real-time Adjustments: ApolloBot can adjust its trading strategy in real time based on market conditions to maximize trading efficiency. This means it can quickly respond to market changes and reduce the impact of emotional factors on trading.

4.Trade Execution:

Once the robot determines the actions to take, it automatically sends corresponding orders to the selected cryptocurrency exchange. These orders are executed on the exchange, resulting in the actual purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies.

5.Monitoring and Reporting: ApolloBot continuously monitors your trades and generates detailed trade records and reports. This allows you to track the performance of your portfolio at any time.


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