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Your One-Time Crypto Bot Setup Guide!

How To Set up Your AI Bot

Say goodbye to the complexities of technical analysis and chart monitoring. Our video simplifies your entry into the world of crypto trading with easy 1-2-3 steps. We'll guide you through the differences between various bots and show you how to set them up effortlessly. Start your journey to hassle-free crypto trading with us!

If You Are New In Crypto, would suggest you to Go thru this video

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Step No.3 Select A Bot That Suits You. (You can Choose 2 Too)

"Perfect for those new to technical analysis and a time-saver for experienced traders, this system is unlike anything else in the market. 

Its simplicity ensures that anyone can set it up and start using it with ease. 

Discover how it can maximize your potential with minimal effort. This isn't just another bot – it's a game-changer in trading efficiency and accessibility''

Set In Just 3 Easy Steps

Want The Whole Place Visible?

01. Register and Fund Your Account

Sign up on Bybit Exchange and choose your preferred bot (Cointech2U or Apollo).

Add funds to both your exchange and bot accounts.

Secure Your Home At Any Time

02. Set Up API

Connect Your Bot To The Exchange. Think of the bot as a remote control for your crypto exchange. It helps you trade automatically.

Catch them in the act

03. Select Your Cryptocurrency

Pick the cryptocurrencies you want to trade with. We provide an easy guide to help you set everything up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is This Webinar About?

This Webinar, Titled "2-Hour AI Crypto Trading Profit Challenge," Is An Immersive And Educational Experience Designed For Both Beginners And Seasoned Traders In The World Of Cryptocurrency.

The Session Also Includes A Step-By-Step Guide On Setting Up Trading Accounts And Integrating AI Bots, Along With A Live Demo. Additionally, For Those New To Crypto, There's A Pre-Webinar Primer Covering The Basics Of Web3, Crypto, Blockchain, And NFTs.

Do I Need To Pay? Or Is There An Upsell?

No, The Webinar Is Completely Free. We Are On A Mission To Onboard People Into The Web3 Space Safely And Wish To Grow Alongside Our Community Members.

There Will Be No Upsell For Courses; Just Come, Learn, And Be Part Of The Community.

Is This Webinar Suitable For Complete Beginners?

Absolutely! This Webinar Is Designed To Cater To Both Beginners And Those With Some Experience In Crypto Trading.

If You're Completely New To The World Of Cryptocurrency, We Recommend Joining Our Pre-Webinar Primer, Which Covers The Basics And Prepares You For The More Advanced Topics Discussed In The Main Webinar.

Our Goal Is To Make Crypto Trading Accessible And Understandable For Everyone, Regardless Of Their Prior Knowledge Or Experience.

What Will I Gain From Attending This Webinar?

By Participating In Our Webinar, Originally Valued At Over $799, You'll Unlock A Wealth Of Knowledge And Resources At No Cost. This Session Is Designed To Equip You With A Deep Understanding Of AI Crypto Trading, Offering Insights Into The Latest AI Trading Strategies And Practical Guidance On Setting Up And Utilizing AI Bots.

Beyond The Technical Know-How, You'll Become Part Of An Engaging Community Of Like-Minded Individuals, All Navigating The Exciting World Of Crypto Trading Together.

Plus, As A Special Incentive, Attendees Who Sign Up For Bybit Will Receive

A Random Bonus Of $20, And An Additional $15 Bonus For Topping Up $101 USDT Within 7 Days,

On Top Of The Potential $30,000 Sign-Up Bonus And More Exclusive Giveaways.

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The contents of this material are intended purely for informational use. No part of this information should be interpreted as financial, legal or tax counsel. The views shared in this video are purely the speaker's, who does not carry a financial advisor or registered investment advisor license. Engaging in cryptocurrency trading comes with a significant risk of loss. The speaker makes no promises of any specific results.