AibotNow Trading Partnership

Project Target: We're aiming for a $5,000-$6,000 budget for this project.

Usage of Funds:
Ken's Allocation: Budget for Ken's time in creating content, editing, and generating AI-based content.

Advertisement & Events: Funds allocated for running online ads and events.

Types of Income:

Affiliate Commission: Earnings from trading commission through Bybit.
AI Bot Commission: Profits derived from AI bot trading.

Fundraising Strategy:
Funds and profits will be channeled through the project link, expected to run for a period of 3 to 4 months.

Profit Distribution:
Profits will be split: 50% goes to Ken and 50% to investors indefinitely.

**Investor Repayment: Once funds are received, we'll repay the initial $5,000-$6,000.

Cashout Plans:
We're flexible on when we'll cash out — either weekly or monthly. 

Referral link : 
user name and password from cointech2u will share on group. 

download the app first

Updates: We will provide weekly updates on the project's status and earnings.